Korean BBQ Bowls with Garlic Scented Rice

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  • 1 1/2 pounds flank or sirloin steak, cut into thin strips
  • 1/2 asian pear, diced
  • 6 cloves garlic
  • 2 inch piece of ginger, sliced
  • 1/2 small onion, diced
  • 3 tablespoon EACH soy sauce and brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 2 scallion, cut into large pieces
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • Garlic Scented Rice:
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, sliced (or smashed)
  • 1 1/4 cup parboiled rice (see notes)
  • 2 1/2 cups warm chicken broth
  • Cucumber + Carrot Salad:
  • 1 teaspoon sesame seeds
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1/4 cup rice vinegar
  • 3 tablespoon honey
  • 1 cup EACH sliced cucumbers and shredded carrots


  1. STEAK MARINADE: In a food processor combine the pear, garlic, ginger, and onion and pulse until a thick paste forms. In a large bowl, combine the sliced steak, prepared tenderizer, soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, and scallions. Stir to coat the meat evenly. Cover and refrigerate for 20- 30 minutes. When ready to cook, heat a large cast iron skillet over high heat. Add the oil and 1/2 the meat (do not add the excess marinade) to the skillet and cook for 1-2 minutes or until the steak is brown and crisp on the outside. Repeat with the second batch.
  2. GARLIC SCENTED RICE: Rinse the rice in a fine mesh strainer under cold running water for 2 minutes, use your fingers to rub the rice to remove any excess starch, set aside. Add the oil and garlic to a skillet and heat the skillet over medium heat. This will infuse the oil with the garlic flavor. You can remove the garlic if you don’t want it to be too garlicky at this point. Add the rice and allow to toast for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently so the rice doesn’t stick or burn. Add the chicken broth and allow to come to a boil, stir just once to break up lumps. Cover, reduce heat to low and allow the rice to cook for 12-15 minutes or until the water dries up. Let stand for 5 minutes before fluffing with a fork.
  3. CUCUMBER + CARROT SALAD: In a bowl combine the sesame seeds, 1/2 teaspoon salt, red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, and honey until the honey dissolves. Add the cucumbers and carrots and stir to coat. Allow to marinate for atleast 5-10 minutes in the refrigerator.
  4. ASSEMBLE: Place the rice in a bowl, topped with cooked steak, cucumber + carrot salad, half boiled egg and sprinkle with sliced scallions or toasted sesame seeds. Drizzle with sriracha mayo if desired.

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